News & Events

Talent Hunt Class- I

Talent hunt for students of class I was held on 23rd April, 2018. Students turned into singers, dancers, poets, chefs, musicians, radio jockeys, gymnasts and displayed their unique personality traits. Their confidence, use of props and overall presentation were praiseworthy. The show proved to be a complete fun-filled event. 

                                                                         The Knowledge Summit 2018

    New Era Public School embarked on a new mission to provide a platform to the students of Delhi to share knowledge and interact with leading professionals of the country, on relevant issues of the day. The inaugural Knowledge Summit was held on 21st April 2018 in the school auditorium, attended by students of the school, as well as, other schools. The event began by lightening of the auspicious lamp by the Director and Founder Principal of New Era Public School, Mrs. Usha Chopra, the Principal, Mrs. Vandana Chawla, the Chairman of New Era Public School, Dwarka, Mr Rohit Chopra, the President of Laksh Foundation, Ms. Ila Lumba and the Director of Delhi Council for Child Welfare, Dr. Sandhaya Bhalla. 

    The event, anchored by Vidhi Narula, Tanmir Singh, Mehak Jain and Bhaveesh Ghakar, consisted of two panel discussions, which were moderated by Gunjan Uppal, Vedika Khandelwal  and Ishika Schdeva. The theme of the first session was ‘Community-Service’ and the second session was ‘Holistic-Health’. The panelists of the first session were- Ms. Ila Lumba, who works for the empowerment of women and children in rural community, and Dr. Sandhaya Bhalla, who has many years of social work behind her. The first session threw light on community service and how the students can contribute to the society. The session was sprinkled with anecdotes from rural community and the personal journeys of Ms. Lumba and Ms. Bhalla. In the second session, Dr. Ashwini Chopra, an eminent gastroenterologist of Delhi and an expert in alternative disciplines of health and healing, discussed the importance of both physical and mental well-being. He shared his belief that health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine. Both the sessions were followed by a lively interaction with the audience.

    The Director and Founding Principal, Mrs. Usha Chopra, encouraged the students to make full use of this opportunity and gain newer perspectives. The Principal, Mrs. Vandana Chawla, thanked the guests and students for making the Knowledge Summit a grand success. She hoped that students benefitted from the discussions and would keep the flame of knowledge and inquisitiveness alive.                                     

      Earth Day Activities

      Earth day was celebrated in the Primary wing to create awareness among the students that we need to conserve our resources and save the Earth.

      Students of classes I and II coloured pictures of children hugging their planet, Earth. They wrote small messages on it like- I will water plants, I will not waste water, I will plant more trees etc.

      The students of classes III, IV and V celebrated Earth Day by making posters. They used their creativity to make the posters with captions like- “How can you help the earth? I am thankful to mother Earth because ...., Things that can be reused, recycled and reduced. Through this activity, they were made aware about how precious the earth is for all of us.

      Earth Day Special Assembly

      The special assembly was conducted on 20th April, 2018. Students of class V D spoke about keeping the air and water clean since they are our lifelines. They also sang a song encouraging everyone to take care of Mother Earth.

      The Director, Mrs Usha Chopra graced the occasion. She encouraged the children to keep their surroundings clean and contribute in making the Earth green. The students promised that they would do so.

        Founder's Day Celebration

        New Era Public School celebrated its 58th Founder’s Day on 12th and 13th April. It commenced with invoking God’s blessings through Havan.

        A special assembly was conducted on 12th April to celebrate the Founder’s Day. A series of cultural programmes marked the occasion. Mrs. Usha Chopra, the founder Principal and Director addressed the gathering and thanked everyone who has contributed to the growth of the institution. She iterated the importance of prayer and faith in God before beginning any work and encouraged everybody to keep pushing the envelope. The Principal, Mrs. Vandana Chawla also addressed the gathering and expressed her satisfaction with the way the school is progressing. She expressed her gratitude towards Mrs. Usha Chopra, the Founder Principal and Director for her grand vision to start the school and help it grow to this level. This was followed by various class activities commemorating the Founder's Day.

        The festivities continued on 13th April when the staff gathered together for the auspicious Havan. Many retired senior faculty members were invited as guests. Mrs. Usha Chopra addressed the gathering and welcomed the guests. She took this occasion to remember the stalwarts of the institution who had contributed and retired from the institution. She encouraged everyone to have the passion to pursue ones dreams. The staff members put up a brilliant cultural programme, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone

        Mrs Vandana Chawla also addressed the gathering. She appreciated the teachers for their contributions and for participating in the Founder’s Day Celebration with great gusto.



          An orientation program was organized for the parents of class VI students on 7 April 2019 at 8.30 a.m. in the Saraswati Auditorium followed by a parent teacher meeting. Mrs.Vandana Chawla, the Principal, welcomed and addressed the gathering.

          The Principal discussed the following issues:

          1.   Importance of communication between parents and school.
          2.   Safety of students.
          3.   The process of dispersal in the afternoon.
          4.   Doubts regarding French and Sanskrit as third language.
          5.   Information to school about the health issues of students (if any).
          6.   Role of the coordinators in the school

          The interactive session with the parents was followed by an introduction of the Heads of the Departments and Class Teachers of all the sections of Class VI. Parents were also briefed about the assessment structure of class VI.

          Many parents appreciated the endeavors of school and the reputation it has outside. They thanked Mrs. Chawla for a safe, caring and nourishing environment that New Era Public School has given them so far. With this class VI Orientation program came to end, promising a successful year ahead.