News & Events

Talent hunt

A talent hunt competition was organized for students of class I on 29th April, 2019 in the Primary wing auditorium. Students exhibited their talent in singing, dancing on classical and folk songs, poem recitation, mimicry and playing musical instruments. The students showcased their performances with confidence and enthusiasm. The efforts of the students were appreciated by the students and teachers alike. The Headmistress of the Primary wing was present at the event.

    Earth Day activities and Special assembly

    A special assembly was conducted for Earth day on 22nd April, 2019. The students spoke about the importance of taking care of our Earth and its resources. They suggested ways in which we can do so- using cloth bags while buying fruits and vegetables, not immersing the idols of Lord Ganesha and Ma Durga in the rivers, following the 3R’s i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle. The Director and Principal graced the occasion. They urged the students to reduce garbage in the school, grow plants at home and save water as much as possible.

    Various activities were also held in the classes. Students of class III made badges and proudly wore them. Students of classes IV and V made posters on ways to conserve resources. These were displayed in the classrooms. The activities were aimed at creating awareness among students about the need to take care of our Mother Earth.


         (on 16th April 2019)


      New Era Public School completed 59 glorious years of steadfast commitment to the cause of education. To celebrate this glorious achievement, as it enters its 60th year, the school hosted a grand event on 16th April 2019. The event brought together Chairpersons, Directors and Principals of leading schools of Delhi/NCR. Among the attendees were Ms. Sadhana Bhalla, Chairperson, NPSC India and Principal, Mira Model School, Mr. Mohit Oberoi, Chairperson, Mira Model School, Ms. Usha Ram, Former Principal, Laxman Public School, Ms. Mamta Bhatnagar, Director, Manav Sthali School and MR. Y.P. Purang, Chairperson, New Era Education Societ, to name a few. Dr Mahesh Rangarajan, a Rohodes Scholar from Oxford and Professor of Environmental Studies and History at Ashoka University and Mr. Vimlendu Jha, an activist, social entrepreneur and the founder of ‘Sweccha’ delivered invigorating talks on the pressing need to conserve environment.

      The event began with a tabla recital by students of the school, which reflected the school’s approach to equality and opportunity for every child in every field. The Principal, Mrs. Vandana Chawla addressed the gathering and captured the essence of the past 59 years in her speech. The highlight of the event was an overwhelming felicitation of the Founder Principal and Director of New Era Public School, Mrs. Usha Chopra by Mr. Y.P. Purang, Chairman of New Era Education Society. Mrs. Chopra looked back fondly at all the challenges and hurdles she, alongwith her husband Late Mr. R.L. Chopra, overcame to lay a strong foundation of the institution.

      The students, then, presented their interpretation of a thought provoking, inspiring poem, titled, ‘Don’t give up’ by Lamyaa Hanchaoui. The event concluded with a beautiful presentation that traced the glorious journey of the school. For New Era Public School, the event marked the beginning of a new and exciting journey.



        Founder's Day Celebrations
        13th April 2019   


              (on 13th April 2019)


        New Era Public School  organized a cultural program to commemorate the completion of 59 years and the beginning of the 60th year of the school in the field of education.   Teachers from NEPS Mayapuri Primary and Senior Wings, NEPS Dwarka and NE Saplings presented dance performances, poetry compositions and song renditions. Many ex-teachers, alumni and members of the management attended the ceremony. The Founder Principal and Director Mrs. Usha Chopra looked back fondly at the journey that she, with her husband Late Mr. R.L. Chopra, undertook 60 years ago to make a difference to the society. She shared interesting anecdotes from the past to offer glimpses of the adventurous and fulfilling journey. The Principal Mrs. Vandana Chawla congratulated everybody and expressed her belief that the school will continue to change lives.  The day marked the beginning of the 60th year of the school.


             (on 12th April 2019)

          New Era Public School celebrated its 59th Founder's Day and the beginning of the 60th anniversary on 12th April 2019. The day was filled with a series of  events throughout  the day which symbolized the thriving culture of the school.The celebrations began with a warm welcome of the Founder Principal and Director Mrs. Usha Chopra and the Principal Mrs. Vandana Chawla. This was followed by an exciting performance by the Tabla group of our school. Junior and Senior Choir groups of the school took over the stage next and rejuvenated the audience with their heart-warming performance. The beautiful dance performances by the budding  dancers made for an excellent finale of the occasion.In the end, Mrs. Chopra  and Mrs. Chawla motivated the students to keep moving forward despite the obstacles and dare to dream because that’s what has defined New Era Public School and its students for the past 59 years.


            Founder’s Day activities.

            The school celebrated it’s 60th Founder’s Day on 13th April, 2019. To mark this occasion various activities were conducted for the students in the Primary wing on 11th April, 2019.

            The students of class III  made beautiful school banners using different medium- poster colours, crayons and pencil colours and decorated them well. The students of class IV made posters with a slogan stating “Why they love their school”. They used pictures and drawings to support their views. The students of class V penned down their creativity in the form of poems and paragraphs.

            The students efforts were worth appreciating .The activity sheets were put up on display in various areas of the Primary wing.