News & Events

Christmas Special Assembly


The much awaited festival of Christmas was celebrated by the students of the Primary Wing on 24th December, 2019 with fervour and zeal. The students presented a skit related to the birth of Jesus Christ, which emphasized that Christmas was more than just about Santa Claus, cards, toys or gifts. They brought forth the true meaning of the festival. The students sang carols and danced enthusiastically, spreading joy among all. The Director of the school, Mrs. Usha Chopra and the Principal, Mrs.Vandana Chawla graced the occasion and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Mathematics Quiz

    The Mathematics quiz for classes III, IV and V was held from 18th to 20th December, 2019 in the Primary wing auditorium. 4 students from each section participated in the quiz. They enjoyed the various rounds- identifying the numbers based on the clues given, solving the puzzles, unscrambling Mathematical terms, decoding the messages and rapid fire. The quiz was aimed at enhancing the interest of students in Mathematics. It also tested the ability of students to think and calculate quickly. It was enjoyed by the participants and audience alike.

      Science Quiz

      The Interclass Science Quiz for the academic session 2019-20 was conducted for classes III-V in the Primary Wing auditorium from 3rd to 5th December, 2019. The Director and Founder Principal, Mrs.Usha Chopra, encouraged the participants by her presence. The Quiz was aimed at opening up the minds of learners and developing their thinking skills. There were several rounds – identify the plant/animal based on the clues given, identify the process, unscrambling the scientific terms, classifying animals into different groups and the rapid fire. The    students and the audience participated enthusiastically in the Quiz.